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Season 4 - 24th-29th March 2019 

Heidi Coker

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Heidi Coker began pole dancing the summer of 2009.  A competitive gymnast until the age of 21, athletics were a strong part of er upbringing. After seeing an episode of “Oprah” showcasing pole dancing and female empowerment, she was instantly intrigued.

Enjoying dance, yoga and other creative outlets for exercise, pole was a perfect match.  After poling for a year, just for fun, she submitted for a competition and was stunned when she found out she was accepted!!  


From there her competitive life in pole began.  Heidi believes pole is a sport where you can play to your strengths, and a perfect arena for creativity and self expression.  


She enjoys challenging herself with new moves and adding acrobatics on and off the pole.  Heidi teaches at Polelateaz in Atlanta.

Dan Rosen

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Daniel Rosen is the very proud owner of IFA Pole and Aerial in Hemel Hempstead and has been turning himself upside down and spinning round a pole since 2008. 

As the current holder of one international and 12 UK championship titles, Dan is a veritable fountain of pole-related knowledge. There's nothing he doesn't know about spins, tricks and getting flexible.  Dan takes safety in pole very seriously and is always trying to improve his knowledge to make his classes the safest they can be.

Dan also travels extensively, teaching workshops right across the UK. He is very well known for his friendly, easy-to-understand teaching techniques and is famous within the pole industry for his signature tricks masterclass. 

Crystal Gibson

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Crystal is a mother, wife, a pole instructor from Los Angeles, who has recently moved to Midlands, U.K. Most known for teaching at The Choreography House & Cleo's Rock-N-Pole.


Crystal has taught pole artistry workshops worldwide, and in countless online videos with Cleo's Rock-N-Pole as an online instructor.


Since 2010 Crystal has been a Principal Dancer in the very popular Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soiree & SEVEN, a Kelly Yvonne Production. In 2015 Crystal has made it into "The Academy of Villains: as a pole dance performer under the wings of the world famous "Pharside and Phoenix" (from SYTYCD).

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