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Season 2 - 18th-23rd March 2018 

Natasha Wang

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In 2014, Natasha also won "Female Performance Artist of the Year" and "Inspirational Artist of the Year" at the PWN (Pole World News) Awards. As a guest performer, she has appeared on "The View" on ABC, "Good Day L.A." on FOX, "Amazing Dance" on Hunan TV, and "Day Day Up" on Hunan TV, China's #1 TV show with over 300 million viewers.  She has been a soloist across Mainland China, including at Macau's China Rouge at the Galaxy Hotel.

In 2011, Natasha performed with the Doug Aitken art-theater project "Black Mirror" starring actress Chloe Sevigny. Natasha is sponsored by X- Pole and is a Brand Ambassador for Mila Krasna. She is elevatED Pole- and Flexibility-Certified, and holds certifications from X-Pert, Pole Moves, and
Floor Flow.

Sam King

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Sam King, Mr Pole Fitness 2016, is a full time professional Pole Dance Instructor, Performer, and Choreographer, with 8 Years of Experience of teaching Pole.


With no dance, gymnastic, or sporting background, he originally started to give himself a hobby and get him out of his bedroom, with no expectation that hobby would eventually turn into his career.

He prides himself on his experience and talent as a pole instructor; co running his Pole School, Pole Fit London, as well as teaching workshops for countless students all across the world.

Olga Spezia

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Olga Spezia is professional Pole Dance and Exotic Pole Dance teacher, winner and finalist of numerous pole competitions. 


Olga was born in Russia, but she is now living in Greece. She started with pole dance in 2012 and in less than a year became pole instructor.  Olga is very patient and an encouraging teacher, she gives a lot of attention to each student in the class.

Olga specialises in Russian Exotic style, Strip Plastique & Floorwork. Olga's pole style is flowy, sexy and elegant in the same time, her routines contain plenty of splits, acro tricks, floorwork and hair flips - and all these she will be glad to teach you.

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