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Future Dates

Season 7 - 29th October - 3rd November 2023



Imogen Gunter

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Imogen has been training pole and aerial for 11 years. From what started in her bedroom has led onto performing and teaching across the world and opening up my studio Aerial Inspirations in Worcester.


She is know for her amazing bendy contortion abilities and creating unique combos and shapes while adding in some of her super speedy style. Imogen says she can't wait to meet some new faces and see you all at camp!  


Jakub Kolasa

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Jakub has been pole dancing since 2012 with a 6 year background in Latin Ballroom and Contemporary Dance. This experience has helped develop his unique, eye-catching style and choreography skills the pole world was quick to fall in love with. 


His love of performing has earned him several prestigious international titles, including:

- Exotic Generation UK 2019 Male Division Champion & Overall Winner

- Felix Cane Championships 2016 Runner-Up

- European Pole Art Champion 

- 3x National Pole Sports Champion 


Jakub is known for his humour, in-depth teaching style and super fun routines!


He owns Leeds Pole Dance Studio and also teaches people all over the world online through his platform


Kitty Velour

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Kitty Velour is a pole dance princess, booty-popping showgirl and dreamy aerial artist from Manchester. She has been pole dancing for over a decade, and has an eclectic experience of performing, having danced in circus, fetish and cabaret events and taught workshops all over the world from Tokyo, New York & Berlin to name a few. 


Kitty is a dynamic force of pink, bouncy, sparkly  energy and is known for her heel-clacking, and split-popping performances. As a bisexual Filipina, she flips the script on narratives of queer/asian sexuality and advocates for these marginalised groups. 


Kitty runs her own online school called Dance With Kitty @dance_with_kitty which specialises in $tripper Style movement, and celebrates the $ex worker origins of pole with tutorials & classes teaching pole, floowork, twerk, chair and more! Kitty also hosts her own neo-stripper style cabaret show called The Pxssy Parlour @thepxssyparlour, which showcases all things naughty & nasty, to help inspire others to be unapologetically sexy in a world that often squashes sexxual expression.

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